The Go Girls program seeks volunteers ages 18-30 to meet with grade 7 & 8 students to run a 7 week program in our schools with the emphasis on healthy choices, balanced eating, and active living.  Here is what one of our new Go Girls mentors had to say;

“Following through with becoming a Go Girls mentor was a big part of accomplishing goals in my life. I wanted to be able to show people they matter.  What better way then help instill self respect, kindness, and acceptance of others in our future generations.

I enjoyed gaining confidence in myself, as well as watching the girls come out of their bubbles a bit. I honestly didn’t think this programme (as a mentor) would change me as much as it did. To those who are considering being a mentor I would say this:  What’s stopping you? It’s okay to not know what’s next in life and make mistakes.  Admit this to yourself and others, then move on. You’re allowed to mess up, like everyone, you are human.”  Beth

After facilitating her first Go Girls program, Beth was on board to run a second session, as she was looking forward to a new experience, with different girls at a different school, and a new Co Mentor.  Beth achieved a personal growth goal in her experience as a Go Girls mentor, and has gone on to apply for, and was accepted into a social program at a community college.  #MentoringMatters