Melanie Taylor and Ashlee Quinn-Hogan started their match in 2004 and have continued to be in each others lives. We asked the girls a few questions and here is what they had to say about their experiences together as a Big/Little match.

We asked Melanie…

Q: What does Ashlee mean to you?

A: Ashlee has become one of my best friends. She has grown in to a remarkable woman and I feel very fortunate to have her in my life. She truly feels like a sister to me. We have great conversations and share our challenges and ideas. She has now become a mentor to me!

Q: Tell us about Ashlee?

A: I remember that the initial information I got about Ashlee was that she was quiet and loved animals. That was a fitting description for many years, and while those things are still part of her, they are no longer the things that define her. Ashlee is resilient and brave. She is intelligent, and has strong opinions and big ideas. She has taken every challenge and opportunity given to her and used it as a source of growth and positive change.

We asked Ashlee…

Q: What does Melanie mean to you?

A: Melanie is the epitome of a mentor. She is kind, compassionate, helpful, intelligent, supportive, creative, and so much more. She strives to help people and to make a difference. I have yet to meet someone who is as giving as she is.

Q: What lessons have you learned from your relationship?

A: I have learned how important it is to have a strong role model in your life. Melanie has always served as a mentor that I could turn to and learn from. For example, neither of my parents pursued post-secondary education. Although they valued education, they assumed that neither my sister nor I would pursue post-secondary either. Melanie caught on to my success in school early on and she helped me realize that post-secondary education is the correct pathway for me. Without her as a role model, I may have never recognized my own potential.

Melanie and Ashlee ended their formal match with us in 2015 but are still great friends. Ashlee is currently a Big Sister with our agency.