“Through life experiences, I came to realize that there is an ever-increasing need for positive role models in children’s lives in today’s society. This is originally what made me want to become a big in Central Elgin. There was nothing stopping me, I had the time and I had a vehicle, and for just a couple of hours a week, I could hopefully make a difference in a young boy’s life, so I made the call to the Big Brother-Big Sister’s office, and I’m glad that I did.
Having been a Big for over a year now, it is something that I thoroughly enjoy; it gives me an opportunity to get out and do things that I normally wouldn’t do by myself, and that my little would normally not have the opportunity to do. One example is taking my little skating for the first time, something he really enjoys and it is a pleasure to watch his skating improve with time. Another example, is taking him for a ride on the Port Stanley train, where he came away with two new friends from Michigan, or to the St. Thomas airport and him getting the opportunity to sit in a two-seat airplane. There are many examples, but over the past year our relationship has grown, and he looks forward to our outings and is disappointed if I’m not able to make it and reschedule. Knowing that I’m making a difference in a child’s life, means the world to me, and I wish I could take on a couple more littles, as I have heard there are many unmatched boys in the area, but that’s just not possible. However, I hope you will make that call and make a difference in another child’s life, because I am sure you will also be glad that you did.”
Adam Baker